January 9, 2013

Welcome New Year!

 I hope you all spent great holidays, as I did mine! I got to see my family and friends, and spend some quiet time resting and catching up on side projects. That would be decoden! Yes, I've finally put my order to use. I had work going on after I purchased from Fullmoon so I had to put things aside for a while. Actually, I also ordered a second time from Fullmoon during the holidays because my new project involved much, much more... I won't write another review, just know that the service was just as satisfying, and this time I received the parcel within 7 days. Here's the list of my purchase and photos:

Black Rhinestones 3mm 400pieces[RH30] US$1.00 x 1 US$1.00 
Red Rhinestones 4mm 300pieces[RH40] US$1.00 x 1 US$1.00 
Cream White Pearl 3mm 80pieces[PE335] US$1.00 x 1 US$1.00 
Milky Lavender Rhinestones 5mm 100pieces[RH70] US$1.00 x 1 US$1.00 
Milky Light Pink Rhinestones 5mm 100pieces[RH70] US$1.00 x 1 US$1.00 
Cream White Open Heart Pearl 11mm 20pieces[PE360] US$1.00 x 1 US$1.00 
♡♡♡Free Gift♡♡♡[11/Dec ~ 31/Dec] US$0.00 x 1 US$0.00
Clear Apple 15x17mm (Color: Red)[PL1063] US$0.40 x 1 US$0.40 
Glitter Rose 10mm (Color: Pink)[PL1036] US$0.40 x 2 US$0.80 
Barbie Logo 27x42mm (Color: Light Pink)[PL1058] US$0.80 x 1 US$0.80 
Cute Ribbon 21x28mm[PL972] US$0.60 x 1 US$0.60 
Chiffon Ribbon Pearl 45x50mm (Color: Pink)[MT106] US$0.50 x 2 US$1.00
 Rose Rhinestone 18mm (Color: Black)[PL815] US$0.50 x 1 US$0.50 
Crown 22x25mm (Color: Black)[PL938] US$0.60 x 1 US$0.60
 Rose 8mm (Color: Red)[PL652] US$0.40 x 2 US$0.80 
Rose 20x20mm (Color: Black)[PL943] US$0.50 x 1 US$0.50 Sub 
Total US$12.00 
Delivery Charges US$5.00 
Total US$17.00

I don't know of you can spy the red apple but it screamed of Applejack so I added it without any project in mind!I also really like the rhinestoned rose!

And at long last...my projects!!
I went just a little crazy with the caulk gun, I'll admit. I did start looking around my room, with my custom gun loaded, for anything that might be whipped-creamed. What I mean by custom gun is that instead of using a piping bag, I cut the tip of the silicon bottle in a star shape and used that directly. A lot less messy, but you need a sure aim; if your arm is wobbly or if it gets tired, the whole thing becomes a mess. I had to go through a few trials myself!

This is meant to be necklace



And the shoes! This was my top secret project. Alright, I'll own up: they did cost me a spectacular faceplant in the stret on the 31st, but it was really funny, even for myself. (I never wore heels this high before, but hopefully I'll get used to it because they are gorgeous!)

A few outfit posts which I've been too busy to post until now:

 Christmas outfit

New Year's outfit

I would like to close this post with the usual new year speech. Last year has been great for me. Thanks to my studies I discovered so many new things and new people, all of which gave me confidence.  So wether I met them in real life or not ,whether they read this or not, I am very grateful to them. I certainly do have many concrete goals and aspirations for 2013, but I want to focus on doing my best everyday, little by little.

Happy New Year to you all, and all the best!