December 20, 2012

19/12 Outfit Post

I went back to high school today! O.O  Thankfully it was only as an alumni, to speak to the current students about my studies ;) I felt like wearing kimokawa (which was probably more approachable than lolita for students wanting to ask me questions...)

December 19, 2012

Holidays in style!

 With all this cold weather, you might be thinking keeping up with the fashion is getting a little difficult. Fear not, here are a few style tips to help out!

  • Layer tights! I typically wear two pairs of tights (shear skin colored and printed/ colored ones on top), sometimes with an extra pair of socks on top of all that! 
  • Bloomers are definitely your friend. So are petticoats. The more layers, the warmer!
  • Turlenecks. I already mentioned how I adore including them in my outfits. Not only are they warm, they are also very elegant, and give that poise and decency so dear to lolitas. Baby the Stars Shine Bright have adorable ones!
  • Once again, layers: beneath that turtlenck or your long-sleeved blouse, wear a camisole and long-sleeved undershirt
  • Boots
  • Mufflers, earmuffs,gloves, and hats! Berets are my favorite!
  • I also found very cute re-usable gel handwarmers. I slip one in each pocket of my coat and turn them on when I am having a long walk in the cold.

Time to talk about festive decorations! I incorporate lolita in every aspect of my life, so I decided to give our Christmas tree a Victorian makeover!



Santa's airplane!

Someday though I really really want a pink tree! How cute are these?

December 17, 2012

17/12 Outfit Post

Crafting at home today!

Can you tell I have been watching My Little Pony lately? I love that series!
I used fimo for these. I had sculpy and regular clay but they somehow dried between my depature from England and my arrival in France... I was so disappointed! Well, I'm still really happy with the result ;)
I created a mold for making the waffles but it broke after only two uses. I'll have to make the next one out of something more solid than fimo.

December 16, 2012

16/12 Outfit Post

 I decorated the tree today, and went for a bit more shopping. I didn't find everything yet though, so more shopping in perspective!

My friend Penny's present from a year or two ago. Cute isn't it?

December 15, 2012

15/12 Outfit Post

Holiday present shopping! Nothing special much today but it was nice to go out!

I also had fun creating a watermark for my photos!

December 14, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Favorite Dress!

Fairly easy theme this week ;) I know exactly what my dream dresses are! Indeed, there are two which I can safely say are my favorite dresses.

First up is Claudia the Fairytale Princess.

   The colors in this dress are so perfectly complementary, the deep blues of the bodice, the gorgeous hue of those roses, and the gentle cream of the soft chiffon (or whatever)... You can tell just by looking at it how soft and beautiful the lace is. The design itself is so reminiscent of Snow White that I thought that was the inspiration. I still don't know if it was, but this is a dress which embodies what lolita is so me: elegance, raffinement, with a touch of antique-ness.

Baby's Ribbon Ribbon Corset JSK

  Wow. This must be the first dress I really, really fell inlove with. The lines are so elegant and the details so dainty. The shape reminds me of a ballet dancer. I don't hav much else to say, except that Ribbon Ribbon still appeals to me after all these years in lolita!

I just had to add this one, I can't stop myself: Angelic Pretty's Soap Bubble JSK! So. FRILLY!

  If we are  talking about favorite as opposed to dream dress, as I first understood, then that would definitely be my recently acquired Cherry JSK from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. No worn photos yet, but this dress is just stunning! It might be my favorite, but there isn't a dress in my wardrobe that I don't adore <3 Actually, because I find Cherry Parade so beautiful, I have a feeling I won't dare wear it often! My most worn, most loved ones are my  Body Line Pink Soft Cream JSK and Baby Pink Tartan Check JSK in that case!

Cherry Parade, photo from Baby SF

14/12 Outfit post

A little late but I wore this to visit an exhibition in Paris with my best friend!

 The exhibition was about the importance of hair from an anthropological point of view: how it creates an identity, what it signifies in different cultures, how it defines stereotypes... It was all really interesting and one showreel had photos of lolitas in it! It showed the diversity of messages hair can convey. Needless to say, I just had to show off and let my hair down!

Oh, and my nails for the day! I also had a snowman on one finger but I didn't get a clear photo of that one.

(brushes by josue1984, Obsidian Dawn, elric888)

December 13, 2012

13/12 Outfit Post

Just hanging around home today, blogging, hence procrastinating. I bought clementines as well, because they're the best for cold winters!
Skirt is handmade, everything else is offbrand/ vintage.

Can you tell I love Creamiicandy's gifs? They're so cute!

(Brushes courtesy xXxDiamondxXx; Cheschire-Angel; redheadstock; gif by creamiicandy)

December 12, 2012

International Lolita Day

  Another quick outfit post to show you what I wore for this Winter's ILD. I wore one of the two Baby dresses I purchased from their outlet sale for the first time that day! So scary though, when I started slipping on the dress and realised... it has no zipper! For an instant my mind went blank and then it went in total panic mode: "Oh my frills, how in the name of Mana do I get into this!". But the straps are actually buttoned on and the shirring does the rest. Phew! I was so happy and my hair cooperated into making huge twin tails! I was so proud to get that look without hair falls ;)

My housemates and I hosted a before-holiday party that day so it was really a fun evening!

I hope you all had a nice day as well!

Out in the Cold

I went for a walk this afternoon and it is freezing here in France!

(I call this outfit the Sugar Plum Fairy) 

I really enjoy wearing turtlenecks with my JSKs, it keeps me warm and snugly and  I love the look, ever since watching Deka Wanko in her adorable outfits!

This is perfect weather for the holidays!

(image courtesy creamiicandy)

December 8, 2012

LBC: Lolita inspiration

  As a fashion, lolita is relatively slow paced, and very structured. Compared to mainstream where every season sees new styles, we only saw a few major evolutions, especially since it is only about two decades old, like the end of the maxi pad headdresses, the start of OTT sweet... A few trends come and go but they tend to repeat themselves and revolve around the same themes (animals, flowers...). So we each need to find inspiration to create our own individual style, by looking at each other, thrifting, looking at other fashions...

  The way I do this is with my inspiration book (since I call it that way, it was perfect for this week's theme). In it, I compile all of the things I like and which inspire me as a lolita.
  It's also my place to go when I'm down and lacking pink in my life!

  I chose this cute diary I had and I stick into it, in a carefully planned mess, clothes tags, photos of lolita models, magazine cut outs, photos of other lolitas, cupcakes, lolita related art, stickers, purikura, and so much more!  I also divided it into sections for sweet, classic and gothic, so  I can look at whatever style I want and have the pictures together.

 Lolita Blog Carnival

Princess Palace - Fashion Fairytales and Sewing Secrets - Päivänvarjon alla - A Sweet Little Strange Thing - Sweet and Simple - Two Teaspoons of Sugar - Teh Pastel Unicorn - Melting Mind of LizJuice - Beyond Kawaii - Redtonic - If Alice were into Platforms - A Lace Jail - EGL

November 2, 2012

Lolita Carnival: Lolita Playlist

It's really exciting to be participating in the Lolita Blog Carnival for the first time, and this subject is one I particularly appreciate, as you will know if you have read my previous posts!
Here is the chance for me to add to the growing number of lolita tracks that I already suggested. It also encouraged me to forage for songs new to myself!
I chose to share my gothic lolita playlist to keep in sync with the recent celebrations, and because I already touched upon the sweet side of life.

Voltaire -Death Death ... Song  and Happy Birthday

I love Voltaire and how he seems to be a very approachable artist, never full of himself. He really works on making the goth community understood by mainsteam and his songs reflect the conflicts that often arise between mainsteam and subcultures in a humorous way. He also makes amazing stop motion animation with Danny Elfman. And he has amazing style. Wait... Could he be the perfect man? I am always rolling on the floor when I listen to the first song, there is nothing like a bit of self-mockery! The second song has officially become my birthday hymn, completely replacing that awful little ditty traditionally sung. The whole local lolita community gathered to make the video and it all looks like so much fun!

Kerli - Walking on Air

I already mentioned that I really loke Kerli's style, and this song and the PV are perfectly, well... creepy.

Maximum the Hormone -Rock'n'roll Chainsaw

I can't begin to describe how much I like this band! The fact that all the musicians sing, the contrast between the cutesy childish tunes and the metal, the outrageaous lyrics... They make great music!  The AMV with Dead Karl is just a personal favorite... They were just made for each other.

Obsidian Shell - Fear

Porcelain Black - This is What Rock'n'roll Looks Like

Porcelain Black's voice is incredible; she has such a wide range! And I love how she keeps it rough and doesn't try to make it like most of what you hear in this kind of music at the moment. I also love the split hair, the style, the whole aesthetic! She also has interesting things to say about her music and about being different.
Marilyn Manson - mOBSCENE

Couldn't not mention him, especially with the recent album!

Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine
 In case I hadn't made it clear I love cellos... Rasputina's music is indescribable and somehow just perfect.

Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl

Hugo - 99 Problems
I like the rythm there!

LM.C -  Bell the Cat

I think this is the first song I heard from LM.C; or maybe it was John. In any case, I fell madly in love with this band, and went to see their concert in Paris. Definitely one of my best memories! Their music is so cute and makes me really happy!

Nightwish - The Wishmaster

The sound from Nightwish is incomparable to anything, and I must say that to me Tarja was the one who created that difference, so eber since she left, I just repeat the old albums over and over.

Hayley Westenra - Dark Waltz
Hayley Westenra's voice sounds so pure and the song so soothing, it has to be on my playlist!

McFly - Transylvania

I find this song so much fun! The video has been taken down from Youtube, sadly, but it had some great crossdressing and costumes going on!

My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
 Wow, special love for the costumes there. I love the skeleton effect on the jackets and the  makeup!

Aural Vampire - Darkwave Surfer
Exo-chika really rocks her fangs and pulls off the greatest vamp style ever! I love the mix of ero/aristocrat and electronic music.

Shiny Toy Guns - Ghost Town Nightmare Before Christmas

 Head banging, burning zombies? I approve! Nightmare Before Chrismas reprise? More of this, please!

 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie
 So maybe some of my playlist relies more on the videos that really good music, but this is different. What other band would mix cellos, didgeridoos, epic guitar rifs, and opera singing? I rest my case.

I almost forgot this one, though:

Yes, it is on my playlist. And our choir is putting on for a concert in November!

I hope you will have found at least one track to add to your own playlist and I can't wait to read and listen to what all the lovely frilly bloggers will have posted!

October 31, 2012

Spooky Halloween!

Yay, the day has finally come! Halloween is officially my favorite time of the year, even though for once I didn't have time to prepare properly due to various setbacks. We did have an awesome photoshoot with a few friends dating back to that sneak peek.
First though, I would like to share what I think makes the best Halloween celebration!
1. Pumpkins

2. Pie! (and cupcakes)

3. Cats
4. Bats

Do I admit to buying this cupcake just for the ring adorning it? Yes! Doesn't it just remind you of Angelic Pretty's plastic jewellery from a little while back?

Time to reveal them photos!

Outfit rundown:
Skirt: Tammy
Blouse: H&M
Bra: Avon
Shoes: TVA
Socks and tights: Primarck
Arm warmers: Claire's

Miss Milly:
Skirt and bow: Handmade
Turtleneck: Camaieu
Shoes: Gothic Lolita & Punk
Socks: The Sock Shop

Photos by Jonti
Makeup by Melissa Stella
Editing by myself

I'm having dinner at a friend's tonight, and wearing my flying hamster kirigumi with creepy cute beneath!
(This is just the way I did my nails.) I don't know if I'll have any outfit shots though...
 And the best thing happened when I got home from campus: I received my Baby order! I'm so excited to open it! I'll post the pictures of my order next time!

And all that's left is to wish you the merriest, spookiest, Halloween!