April 26, 2013

LBC: The most un-lolita thing about me...

Hmm, so many un-lolita things about me...

Perhaps I'll mention my love for hammering things, rough sports, and armor-making (samurai armour, at the moment!).
I love lolita as a lifestyle as much as a fashion, and I can't think of nicer way to spend the day than having tea, or reading a good book, or embroidering, but thankfully I have never let lolita stop me from enjoying my other hobbies (as long as I don't risk any of my lovely dresses!). That could be roller skating, building things, hiking... I am a very do-it-yourself person, so I have never shrunk away from repairing my bike, making shelves for my room or using a saw just to see what I can do with one!

If I had to choose one thing though, it would be the armour. In my course we are in the midst of an independent project and I chose to make a historical costume. Everyone is quite surprised when I mention that I am replicating samourai armor (just the shoulder guards for the moment) rather  than an elaborate rococo dress! I just can't get enough of the freedom that comes from using and assembling materials other than sewing fabrics (but I like that too, don't get me wrong).
 To compromise and so that I can wear my favorite dresses risk-free, I created a transparent apron out of clear vinyl. It only came to me afterwards that it looks a little kinky...

Okay, and heavy metal. It helps.

April 8, 2013

08/04 Outfit

Just a regular day at university today, nothing much.

 Fairy kei day! I made the salopette myself in September, I'm rather happy with it, and it is super comfortable! I also made the headbow and necklace, the rest I found in a variety of shops. I wore my lavender sneakers with this; I found them in a charity shop with my friend last year, lucky find!

Did I ever show you my sewing kit? Hello Kitty lunchbox...

 Tadaa! treasure chest! I made the heart shaped pin cushion on a crafty day, it has lace to tie it arounf the wrist. The snips' handles are pink with white polka dots!

April 7, 2013

Kimokawa Gyaru

A bit of change from lolita yesterday, for my housemate's birthday party. 
I wore my deco heels again! Along with the skeleton tights I also had my skeleton hand hairclips in my wig, my star hairclip and star belt, and a Bodyline crown pendant. This wig is so good people thought it was my real hair! I was also wearing circle lens, I really like those, and the ones I have are prescription so they are practical as well!

Have you noticed I turned my mirror into a permanent, real-life purikura frame? I just love it!

April 5, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Frill-talia!

  I had to break hiatus with the weekly posts, and this theme really excited me! I have been rather busy, and neglecting my blog (blame tumblr as well, I have been spending too much time there...), but I want to try to post more regularly now. I have to stop overthinking and just write!

  So this week we decided to create outfits inspired by a certain country. Well, this was a simple choice for me: France! Creating a coordinate evoking a place necessarily involves pulling on tropes, archetypes, and symbols known internationally, and not only am I familiar with my country's symbols, I also really love them aesthetically! However, I also tried to involve a few elements that might not be as widely recognized, that is the silhouette and details from school uniforms in the 1900's: the peter pan collar, the puff sleeves, the high waist.

  The main piece is the JSK from indie brand Apricot. I just love these stripes and how the cut relates to old french school girls' uniforms. The sailor blouse also reminds of the uniform. I would even wear this despite it being blue!
  The Angelic Pretty biscuit bag and jumper were obvious choices, especially with the french flag ribbon on the brooch! Petit Beurre are biscuits so reminiscent of childhood afternoons!
  I chose this cute beret that I found on Etsy rather than any brand one I found because they always seemed overly decorated for this outfit.
  Finally the shoes and socks added the little retro finishing touch!
  The wig is more of a personal preference than anything else. I really love this lengh at the moment and I am hoping to get this wig soon!
  I didn't include jewellery in the collage but I would go for simple pearl bracelets and Angelic Pretty's matching biscuit necklace and hairclips to go with the bag, and the AP Metly chocolate brooch.

What would you wear if you were to represent your country? I can't wait to see!

Lolita Blog Carnival