August 23, 2013

Launderette Pirates

Ever noticed how lolitas can turn even the randomest of places into epic photoshoot sets? I mentioned photos in a launderette during the lolita convention... Here they are! We were acting silly while waiting for the restaurant to open, and had lots of fun!


Keeping clean...

 This could be a vintage add for washing machines...

I love all the goth seriousness...
And the goth silliness!

From left to right: Tro-Tro, Ludwig, Lou, Bécha, Marie, and me.

Photos from Tro-tro.

August 16, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita + Cybergoth

I never wore this style  myself, but I have seen outstanding coordinates, albeit very few!

I am slowly gethering items to wear it, so I thought why not plan out a little more precisely what I want? Polyvore, here I come!

Cyber staples: respirator, headphones, dreads, corset, high heels and boot covers, mixed with an Angelic Pretty OP, light pink everywhere, and cute accessories!

What styles did our fellow rufflebutts come up with? Lets see!

August 10, 2013

Comtesse Sofia Collaboration

I was recently approached through one of my friends for a photoshoot collaboration with high end scarf brand Comtesse Sofia. They specialize in luxurious silk scarves printed in Russian-inspired motifs.
It was very quick, once I agreed to the shoot. We had a date settled for the following week, on the 1st of August.
After that it was a matter of sourcing location, styling the outfits  and cretaing a backstory. Whenever I plan a photoshoot, I like inventing a story to go with it, using the set adn accessories, rather than just picing a random backdrop! I am used to staged photshoots, from modelling in  my university, creating my own shoots and from lolita, so I did my best to keep it simple enough that we could shoot two outfits in the evening.

I created moodboards with Polyvore for the photographer and for the company, which they were pleased with, I think.

Our location was Gare de l'Est to suit the traveling and slighlty steampunk aesthetic of the first outfit. Pink with white and brown accessories, to stay classical yet sweet, and complement the look of this first scarf, the Rendez-vous in Tuileries. I really like train stations in France, they are always old buildings hinting at the industrial revolution with all the glass and metal domes and the grass-shot tracks. Besides, the name of the scarf refers to a meeting, and where better to express that?  (I didn't really select any photo,I put them all because I love them s much!)


Canal Saint Martin
For a change of style, more outdoors-y and fresh, I chose the bold colors of my Bodyline Wine Roses skirt, and simple brass accessories.  I hesitated between these two scarves, because I wasn't sure the reds would match in the white scarf and my skirt, and we finally went with the green colorway, Cyparisse Breeze, which by the way is their latest print! We found a nice embankment to shoot, with a welcome breeze. I planned to bring my parasol, but it broke that very morning! Luckily, my mom had one which she let me borrow.

The photographer, Adeline, was really professional and had time to chat before the shooting which made me more comfortable. Isn't it a bit awkward when you simply greet someone, let them take photos, and leave? My friend Penny was there as well, so I had tons of attention ^^ The two locations were near each other, but the heat was really extreme, I was worried my face would be too shiny... Well, I guess it worked out in the end!

Comtesse Sofia

The photoshoot meant I had the chance to wear their products of course! The scarves are gorgeous: the fabric is very fine, soft wool, printed with intricate motifs in vibrant colors. The scarves are a kind of glossy  mat, if taht makes sense, rather than dull mat, and the fringes are shiny silk; the logo is beautifully embroidered in the corner. I loved nestling in the large green scarf, it was so comfortable. I wore these in summer, and they are great for a chilly evening instead of a jacket, but I can imagine that these would be perfect to keep warm in the colder months, and yet remain elegant. The scarves also come in three different sizes, shown on this useful chart:
 Even the smallest one that I was wearing, in the first photos I believe, was really large. Prices range from 90€/ $130  to 185 €/ $255.

The company really focuses on high quality, from the materials, to the making, and the packaging. The designs are inspired by the 19th century and by a very famous french author, la Comtesse de Ségur. This luxury brand is definitelly worth keeping an eye on!

Their website and their blog, which my friend keeps!

 Souvenir shot of Penny and I! Thanks to both her and Adeline <3

August 7, 2013

Tea Party

 Ready for some tea party goodness?

Delicious flower tea, pancakes, yogurt cake, chocolate and fruit...

Li-li (Alice in Lolitaland) and I have gotten along since we met ealy in July, and this week-end we had a sleep-over/ tea party. No words can describe how great it was! We watched Shimotsuma Monogatari while doing nail art, window shopped on Taobao, talked uninterruptedly about books, anime, manga, films, and dramas... We have so much in common that we never stopped chattering!
On Saturday we picked Li-li up from the train station, went grocery shopping for the tea party, checked out some manga at the bookstore, and headed home, for Kamikaze girls and planning Sunday morning's  tea party!
There were also family friends over on that night so we had a nice dinner in the garden and finished our movie pretty late, not to mention we got hooked on Taobao, and started planning group orders... I always hesitated buying from there, but with her help I will finally be able to!
We chose our outfits on the following day and got everything ready, the table set and the treats baked. Pictures will show how crazy we went here! We didn't really care about making too much (as you can tell by the full table) because left overs wouldn't be wasted, so we just had a variety of tea party foods for the fun of it. I finally pulled out my flower tea which I preciously saved for such an event -I have been dreaming of this for years, and it was delicious, not to mention beautiful!
We had a walk to the riding club and had a blast imitating Momoko (because Orgeval is about as lost as Shimotsuma), and planning our future blog collaborations, videos (!), and becoming pen pals.


Shimotsuma silliness...

 Good things come to an end...

I am so glad Li-li posted on EGL about coming over and that I answered her call for french lolitas! I made a great friend, and I will be so sad to see her for the last time this weekend TT-TT  From then on, we'll keep in contact on Internet, but I really hope we won't have to wait too long to see each other! I definitely enjoyed this time so much! If you meet her in the USA, you are lucky ;) I'll miss you Li-li <3