August 7, 2013

Tea Party

 Ready for some tea party goodness?

Delicious flower tea, pancakes, yogurt cake, chocolate and fruit...

Li-li (Alice in Lolitaland) and I have gotten along since we met ealy in July, and this week-end we had a sleep-over/ tea party. No words can describe how great it was! We watched Shimotsuma Monogatari while doing nail art, window shopped on Taobao, talked uninterruptedly about books, anime, manga, films, and dramas... We have so much in common that we never stopped chattering!
On Saturday we picked Li-li up from the train station, went grocery shopping for the tea party, checked out some manga at the bookstore, and headed home, for Kamikaze girls and planning Sunday morning's  tea party!
There were also family friends over on that night so we had a nice dinner in the garden and finished our movie pretty late, not to mention we got hooked on Taobao, and started planning group orders... I always hesitated buying from there, but with her help I will finally be able to!
We chose our outfits on the following day and got everything ready, the table set and the treats baked. Pictures will show how crazy we went here! We didn't really care about making too much (as you can tell by the full table) because left overs wouldn't be wasted, so we just had a variety of tea party foods for the fun of it. I finally pulled out my flower tea which I preciously saved for such an event -I have been dreaming of this for years, and it was delicious, not to mention beautiful!
We had a walk to the riding club and had a blast imitating Momoko (because Orgeval is about as lost as Shimotsuma), and planning our future blog collaborations, videos (!), and becoming pen pals.


Shimotsuma silliness...

 Good things come to an end...

I am so glad Li-li posted on EGL about coming over and that I answered her call for french lolitas! I made a great friend, and I will be so sad to see her for the last time this weekend TT-TT  From then on, we'll keep in contact on Internet, but I really hope we won't have to wait too long to see each other! I definitely enjoyed this time so much! If you meet her in the USA, you are lucky ;) I'll miss you Li-li <3


  1. Your photos of you and your friends outfits are just adorable.

    1. Thank you ^^ I love the photos on your blog as well!