August 23, 2013

Launderette Pirates

Ever noticed how lolitas can turn even the randomest of places into epic photoshoot sets? I mentioned photos in a launderette during the lolita convention... Here they are! We were acting silly while waiting for the restaurant to open, and had lots of fun!


Keeping clean...

 This could be a vintage add for washing machines...

I love all the goth seriousness...
And the goth silliness!

From left to right: Tro-Tro, Ludwig, Lou, Bécha, Marie, and me.

Photos from Tro-tro.


  1. Haha, nice use of an original setting! Looks really interesting! Also, love that goth dress in motion!
    Do your friends have blogs too? *linklinklink*

    X,Comtesse Sofia

  2. Thank you!

    Well, you can find all of them on Facebook, as for blogs I am not sure, I only have Tro-tro's LJ, which is linked at the end of the blog post.