April 26, 2013

LBC: The most un-lolita thing about me...

Hmm, so many un-lolita things about me...

Perhaps I'll mention my love for hammering things, rough sports, and armor-making (samurai armour, at the moment!).
I love lolita as a lifestyle as much as a fashion, and I can't think of nicer way to spend the day than having tea, or reading a good book, or embroidering, but thankfully I have never let lolita stop me from enjoying my other hobbies (as long as I don't risk any of my lovely dresses!). That could be roller skating, building things, hiking... I am a very do-it-yourself person, so I have never shrunk away from repairing my bike, making shelves for my room or using a saw just to see what I can do with one!

If I had to choose one thing though, it would be the armour. In my course we are in the midst of an independent project and I chose to make a historical costume. Everyone is quite surprised when I mention that I am replicating samourai armor (just the shoulder guards for the moment) rather  than an elaborate rococo dress! I just can't get enough of the freedom that comes from using and assembling materials other than sewing fabrics (but I like that too, don't get me wrong).
 To compromise and so that I can wear my favorite dresses risk-free, I created a transparent apron out of clear vinyl. It only came to me afterwards that it looks a little kinky...

Okay, and heavy metal. It helps.


  1. Wow! You're making armor? That's so impressive! Good luck!

    1. Thankyou ^^ Yes, I'm trying my hand at it. I chose to go for theatrical rather than completely historical armour, so materials are different but construction method is sensibly similar. I'll be doing cosplay armour as well later on ;)