June 4, 2013

Summer International Lolita Day, 2013 Edition

  I was looking forward to wearing lolita these past few weeks, as I barely had the opportunity to wear a proper JSK coord. I have been spending most of my days in th 'shop for my course hand-in (making samurai armour samples and stuff), or in the museum doing research, where lolita was hardly appropriate.

  Since it's the end of the course year here, I had a whole day going out and just hanging around! TT.TT Bliss!
  I headedout in the morning going to the Boscombe vintage market with a few friends, including my best friend who came specially from France to visit! There were such nice tidbits, and even a lolita selling dresses and hats! But why am I so broke at times like these? I did get a copy of Lucy Barton's Historical Costume, which was a lucky find and will come in handy! And I couldn't resist a saucer, because I recently bought a very delicate teacup which it was lacking. I enjoy mismatched wares as much as sets, it has a quirky feel I like, and I just go for what I think is pretty!

We also took a look in a comic book shop; I wasn't familiar with the quantity and diversity of comics around! To be honest, I thought comics barely existed anymore ^^' We visited a military surplus store (believe it or not, I was the one who wanted to go in), and finished with Geek Boutique, a shop that sells, well, anything geek-related. There were vintage bedsheet dresses with a 60's cut (which my friend wanted and I offered to make one for her birthday), acrylic jewellery, plastic toy brooches, old toys, and a few ponies! I am pony obsessed at the moment, ever since MCM Expo - of which you will soon have a report - but none of them caught my eye. I'll have a rummage in my own old toys when I get home, a lot of it was inspiring!

After that, Penny and I joined some other friends at Day's, our beloved asian buffet in Bournemouth, where we all ate enough for a whole week! It was delicious, and fun!

Finally, we all went over to one of our places to play video games! We kicked butt at Street Fighter (Cammy is definitely my fav to play) and Mario Chase, and before we knew it, it was 9.00 in the evening and we had to forgo relaxing on the beach. Really I was asleep half the time, when I wasn't actually holding the control! But it was the nicest day and it felt good to finally go put with my friends after all this time.

My outfit was relaxed enough for a day out walking, eating, and lounging in sofas. I wanted a bit of the fairy kei dynamism in there, so I chose my sneakers and long jumper, with lots of accessories, and the lopsided tail. Half the outfit is courtesy of Amber, who gave me a lot of clothes that she doesn't wear anymore. I especially love the rabbit eared jumper, as I never seemed to find one that suited lolita! I added the bows and perl string at the front as well.

Lounging! I was wearing my bloomers, but censorship still applies ;)

 And sleeping! I told you I was tired! 

The brooch on the bodice is from the Expo; Penny listened for every item that I fauned over and went back and bought them as my birthday gift. Isn't that so lovely? The pony poster was her gift as well. The brooch is from the crazy cute boutique Roxie Sweetheart; check them out for pastel rainbow galore, with a touch of a darker edge!


  1. your outfit is so cute! It's great to see a lolita sitting in a chair weird, playing video games rather than properly sitting to sip tea.

    I'm glad that you had fun and maybe you can go to the beach another day. i'd really look forward to seeing how you'd dress for such a trip.


    1. Thanks Arianna! To be honest, I was too tired to care how I sat XD and we were having some chill time so... I 'm glad you like it ^^ I really have to get myself to post my other outfits but I promie I will!
      Thanks for sharing your blog, I really enjoy it!