December 19, 2012

Holidays in style!

 With all this cold weather, you might be thinking keeping up with the fashion is getting a little difficult. Fear not, here are a few style tips to help out!

  • Layer tights! I typically wear two pairs of tights (shear skin colored and printed/ colored ones on top), sometimes with an extra pair of socks on top of all that! 
  • Bloomers are definitely your friend. So are petticoats. The more layers, the warmer!
  • Turlenecks. I already mentioned how I adore including them in my outfits. Not only are they warm, they are also very elegant, and give that poise and decency so dear to lolitas. Baby the Stars Shine Bright have adorable ones!
  • Once again, layers: beneath that turtlenck or your long-sleeved blouse, wear a camisole and long-sleeved undershirt
  • Boots
  • Mufflers, earmuffs,gloves, and hats! Berets are my favorite!
  • I also found very cute re-usable gel handwarmers. I slip one in each pocket of my coat and turn them on when I am having a long walk in the cold.

Time to talk about festive decorations! I incorporate lolita in every aspect of my life, so I decided to give our Christmas tree a Victorian makeover!



Santa's airplane!

Someday though I really really want a pink tree! How cute are these?

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