December 14, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Favorite Dress!

Fairly easy theme this week ;) I know exactly what my dream dresses are! Indeed, there are two which I can safely say are my favorite dresses.

First up is Claudia the Fairytale Princess.

   The colors in this dress are so perfectly complementary, the deep blues of the bodice, the gorgeous hue of those roses, and the gentle cream of the soft chiffon (or whatever)... You can tell just by looking at it how soft and beautiful the lace is. The design itself is so reminiscent of Snow White that I thought that was the inspiration. I still don't know if it was, but this is a dress which embodies what lolita is so me: elegance, raffinement, with a touch of antique-ness.

Baby's Ribbon Ribbon Corset JSK

  Wow. This must be the first dress I really, really fell inlove with. The lines are so elegant and the details so dainty. The shape reminds me of a ballet dancer. I don't hav much else to say, except that Ribbon Ribbon still appeals to me after all these years in lolita!

I just had to add this one, I can't stop myself: Angelic Pretty's Soap Bubble JSK! So. FRILLY!

  If we are  talking about favorite as opposed to dream dress, as I first understood, then that would definitely be my recently acquired Cherry JSK from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. No worn photos yet, but this dress is just stunning! It might be my favorite, but there isn't a dress in my wardrobe that I don't adore <3 Actually, because I find Cherry Parade so beautiful, I have a feeling I won't dare wear it often! My most worn, most loved ones are my  Body Line Pink Soft Cream JSK and Baby Pink Tartan Check JSK in that case!

Cherry Parade, photo from Baby SF


  1. All the dress you've posted are amazing *_*
    The soap bubbles it's so TRASHY one can't absolutely not love it! :D (If someone loves trashy things, of course!)

    The Claudia JSK is indeed a lot "Snowhite-y" ^_^ and the Ribbon Ribbon JSK has one of the most beautiful cut I saw in lolita!!
    (I love the low-waisted cut a lot <3)

    I think I've never saw the last dress, sincerely °-° but damn, if it's cute <3 as far as I can see it's made out of "Sangallo" <3 (this is the italian name of that particular kind of fabric) it screams "summer" from any corner you watch it *o*

    1. I saw Maki (or was it Asuka?) wearing sopa bubble and fell in love immediately!
      For the Cherry Parade, we call the fabric English embroidery in French. It is very delicate!

  2. I loved when that first dress came out from Baby! <3 It was like the perfect blend of fairy tale and lolita, like a frillier version of Snow White! <3

    1. It took me so long to find the name of that dress after I had seen it once and couldn't find it again! If I ever see it on sale, I would totally buy it!

  3. I love the Claudia dress too! Fell in love with it when it came out too, its so very snow white, what's there not to like?

    Your favorite dress is lovely, i like all the layers the skirt has. I don't think i have ever seen anyone wearing one. <3
    *I'm also from carnival but didn't find my blog on your links list*

    1. Blog added! The link didn't work so I was waiting! Last week's carnival I had a problem with FB so I need to update the list as well ;) I asked for worn photos on EGL but no one had any or could help me with measurements so I tried Baby SF and they kindly and promptly answered my email. I'll post photos of it once I wear it!