November 4, 2011

More Halloween Crafts (if a bit late)

It may be a little late for this entry, but there it is.
October style

Putting myself at risk of giving off the impression that I'm dressed for Halloween, I do indulge in orange in October, as it seems the only time of the year where I can fit it into lolita, with the trees changing to crimson and gold, and the warm feeling the color gives off.
Cute buckled shoes, brown or black, flat or heeled, give off the witchy and old pilgrim feel.
Tights rather than knee- or OTK-socks become necessary with the coming of cold weather.
I also like knits, like my orange hoodie, which gives off a very cosy feel.
And of course, I just have to paint my nails orange now that I have the color, thanks to a swap with my friend.
Longer skirts are also welcome, and look so nice when they rustle in the dead leaves.
Add black lace gloves to complete an outfit elegantly.

It's my first time using Polyvore, so please bear with me, I'm still finding my way around. And that outfit did turn out very Halloween-ish.

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