March 10, 2013

Literally Sweet

It's finally here! The photoshoot from this Saturday (*edit* this was actually aaaaaages ago...*)  was amazing and so much fun! Leanne (you'll recognize her as the hostess of last year's tea party) and I paired up as models. Our makeup artist, Melissa, (and her housemates) was kind enough to let us borrow her living room for the day and we set it up according to the shoot's theme: candy! The day was long and a bit tiring but really rewarding. This is one of two shoots we did at the same time; the other was released on Halloween! The shoot was different from what we expected and even went out of hand when we had a marshmallow fight (and an awful indigestion after eating all the sweets on set...), but I do love the result!

Without further ado...

Outfit Rundown:

Luv Leanne
Blouse and socks: Primark
Skirt and bow: Luv Leanne
Shoes: Fantasy shoes Karen (Ebay)

Miss Milly

Dress: Bodyline
Blouse: Camaieu
Shoes: San Marina
Tights: Primark
Bows and earings: Miss Milly
Circle Lens: Honey Color

Make up by Melissa Stella
Photography by Jonti 
Editing and styling by Miss Milly and Luv Leanne

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