December 9, 2013

ILD Meetup

Aside from blogging, I also had a meetup planned for ILD!
Nia and I went ice skating on this beautiful day! It was her first time so we really enjoyed ourselve! The rink is in the Bournemouth Gardens, and is all lit up, with music and little art installations dotted around the grass as well.

While waiting for our session, we shopped a little bit, we looked at the delicious selection of hot chocolates at Whittard's, and window shopped for shoes, and looked at cute accessories.


After skating we headed to my riend Taffy's, went shopping for fish and made sushi!!
We ate ourselves fir to burst, and sang karaoke on the TV, and played video game...
It was the best ILD, I'm glad I spent it enjoying myself with my friends (*^.^*)//

Photo : Sushi party was so much fun today. Thanks for coming! :3

Photo : Sushi we made in today! Well done to all of us!

 How did you spend our special holiday?

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