October 28, 2011

Hello all!

Hi everyone! Introducing my new blog about lolita fashion!

Le Boudoir

'Boudoir', as you might know, is french for the room where ladies sat and chatted together. So I hope to discuss with you in my blog about lolita fashion, give and receive advice, and and exchange about matters dear to all lolitas. That's what this blog is all about: sharing experiences as lolitas!

 A word about myself

I'm currently a first year student at university. I'm french, have been interested in lolita for about...3 or 4 years now, but only recently started wearing it daily and building my wardrobe. I mostly make myself, or buy
offbrand / non-lolita clothes, but which suit the style. As to which styles I like in lolita, I hover between EGA/ EGL, sweet, and classic, picking things here and there and mixing it all into my eclectic style. When not in lolita, I still mostly stick to kawaï fashion, and recently I have started looking at dolly kei and mori girl styles.
Oh, a word about my name: Milly is the nickname issued me almost immediately upon my arrival in Great Britain, a short for my real name, Camille.

I'm excited about starting this blog! I hope it will prove interesting to those who will read me!

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