October 28, 2011

October DIY


October is just the month for craft projects, I find, especially with Halloween coming up! It's the perfect time for making spooky-cute accessories and decorations. So here are a few ideas and links to get ready  for this holiday!


 For these, all you need is some coloured cardboard paper, some glue and a scalpel, or tiny, sharp nail scissors.Use regular paper to trace the shape you want and get it right, cut this out ( or cut out an image from a magazine) and use as a template to cut out on your cardboard paper. You can even make these for other occasions, like Christmas, or just to decorate your bedroom. I framed my Snow White--looking one and added a nice paper around. You're free to do whatever with these, really, add some ribbons and other tidbits... For other framed ideas...

 Polymer Clay Miniatures

Some of my favorites! The off-white miniatures are actually glow in the dark! I also made two hairclips, an orange and a glow-in-the-dark stars. (These are around the size of  my thumb nail).

Origami Stars


 Most of my origami stars just sit in a jar, but I used a few yellow and orange ones to create a midnight sky. Here's a link to learn how to make the stars.


This idea was taken from this website. I added my own little ink drawings inside and wrote a few lyrics of 'This is Halloween' around for effect. 

Websites you might want to check out for more ideas:
If you're lucky enough to have a doll house to spare
An easy enough centerpiece

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