February 5, 2012

Of all the silly nonsense!

(photo: Héloise Walker)

At long last I attended a lolita tea party!  I have dreamed of this for a long time now!
It was hosted by my friend Leanne for her birthday. It was so much fun enjoying tea and cakes (*pink icing!*) and chatting surrounded by pink and by frilly clothes! Everyone wore their best, it was just so perfect, right down to the cupcake stand! We'll do this more often!

(photo: Héloise Walker)  
Felicity-the-BJD in the background. Her eyes were really realistic!

(photo: Héloise Walker) 

 A gift I made for our hostess

Cupcake decorating is such an art!

 The beautiful cakes made by Gemma, Josie and Leanne.

(photo: Héloise Walker)  

Héloise's beautiful hairpiece

(photo: Héloise Walker) 
Going through Leanne's wardrobe

Group photos!
(photo: Héloise Walker)  

Leanne, Héloise, Sarah, Gemma, Josie, me

Thanks Leanne, we all enjoyed ourselves and had a great time!

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