January 10, 2012

Sweet Playlist - Continued

Continuing the playlist I started a little while back! Here's some more good music for you to enjoy:

Otsuka Ai - Sakuranbou
Crazy,sweet, cute, and upbeat song, just what we need for a good day! Unfortunately, I could't find a good video for this song, most have been deleted from YouTube, but do listen to it if you come across it!

The Unicorns - I Was Born ( A Unicorn)
Who doesn't wish for a song about unicorns? Without knowing them much, I have a feeling this band was pretty crazy! I also really enjoy other tracks from this album, there's a sort of messiness about the sound that I like.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON
Who by now doesn't know Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, fashion blogger turned celebrity? This is her single PONPONPON, released in 2011. The visuals are absolutely stunning, a psychedelic trip into kawaii culture full of vibrant colors, supporting Kyrary's cute voice and happy lyrics. The song alltogether is a perfect for when you're feeling ultra happy and energetic!

Tanaka Rie- Katakoto no Koi

The ending theme from Chobits is just so cute!

The Smittens - Half My Heart Beats
The Smittens are full of sweet and beautiful songs like these, gentle and kind. They are beautifully arranged and I love singing to them. We definitely need more of these simply cute songs!(Am I using the word 'cute' too much? Well, this is what the playlist is about, so I guess I'll not mention it anymore.)

LM.C - Sentimental Piggy Romance

LM.C! One of my favorite Japanese bands! Their songs are really lively and positive. There are two main members, Maya ( singer) and Aiji ( guitar)-there is also a  mohawked dancing skull you can see in some of their videos. They called their own style 'new century electrock', a mix between rock and electro pop.  The video suits the song very well, with its childish design. LM.C also has a second band called the Mad LM.C, where the roles are reversed and Maya plays the basse and Aiji sings.

Puffy - Atarashii Hibi

Puffy, or Puffy AmiYumi, has a very distinctive style which is hard to categorize but a lot of the songs I prefer have a ska influence to them, like K2G.

Supercell - Melt
Not only do I really like this song, I also admire this group which started out and became famous using Hatsune Miku for vocals, and brought popularity to the software. Now there are even Vocaloid concerts featuring their holograms! The group now has a singer, so check it out, it's really nice!

 Jay Chou - Princess Syndrome
I just recently discovered this song while reading Moar Lace please, and since it actually includes lolita in the PV, it could only feature in my playlist!

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