January 10, 2012

Tea cup surprise

  Remember The Princess Diaries from way back when? Anne Hathaway discovers she's the heir to a small kingdom and has to turn into the perfect princess. Well, I felt like watching it again not so long ago, and about halfway through, I was astonished to see the characters drinking tea out of the exact same teacup I purchased in octobre from a charity shop! I spotted it several times as well, and of course, I was just so excited for no good reason, but still, it's a fun fact. I had to wait to get back to France to post any pictures of it because it's no longer with me in England.

Cute isn't it?

(In fact, by the time I finished this post, I saw the second movie as well. And I saw the teacup appear in an episode of NCIS Los Angeles. Seems popular...)

 Let's get to the bottom of this!

    After a little research, I learned this model is called "Old Country Roses" manufactured by Royal Albert and was first produced in 1972! You can still buy it today, though, so it doesn't feel so special anymore... Well, it's still beautiful! I got a chance to show you part of my budding collection, too!

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