January 10, 2012

Lolita Dessert Contest

  During the holidays I participated in the EGL December Desserts contest. It was a lot of fun designing a cake and a friend came over to help me out, even my little brother joined in! Quite a mess but we ended up pretty satisfied with our work. We did encounter trouble with the gum paste which was never hard enough to sculpt and the food coloring which turned out purple instead of pink but we managed somehow. It is a quadruple layer cake (alternating chocolate and strawberry), with whipped cream and icing between layers, and covered in marzipan and gum paste and whipped cream. The pictures were taken at 3 in the morning so we merely whipped up a little setting for the cake. We took inspiration from Angelic Pretty's Heart Apron jsk since it seems to me to be a key item in the fashion. It just pops to my mind when I think lolita! Without further ado, here be the cake!


And this was our reference:

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