September 7, 2012

Long time no see!

Well! What was supposed to be a short break turned out to be longer than expected.
So nice to see you again!
It's been quite a while since I've published anything, but I'm now back and more motivated than ever! I also had to transfer all my previous posts to this new blogger adress because of some spam/virus technical thing which I figured would take me longer to solve than simply switching over to a new adress. Since I had to do that before starting posting again, I kept procrastinating...
Now on to the news!
For the (almost) first time yesterday, I went out with my purple wig, which I was a little nervous about. I wear lolita daily but having never sported unnatural colored hair before, I was anxious to coordinate my outfit especially well. (No photos, unfortunately.) It was gratifying that three times that day, people came up to tell me they liked my style. It's so encouraging to have positive opinions about lolita in the street! One of them was from a little girl who said she wanted purple hair, so I assured her she could if she wanted; she was so cute! And for the first time two mainstream girls roughly my age were interested in lolita, and one boy even knew the name. I wish I had been less shy and told them how much I appreciated their genuine curiosity.
I've also just made this cute keychain to hang on my bag or purse! I went to my not-so-local craftstore to get 3D acrylic (which they didn't have in white, and disappointed me greatly), but when I saw this cute bunny in the pearls section, I knew I had to make something with it! The miniature ribbon was picked out from the last time I made a bunch, add some cute ribbon, and here's the result:

Love <3

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