September 13, 2012

Preparing for the New School Year

Nothing is better than a fresh start after the long summer vacation! Whether that includes stocking up on cute stationery, deciding on a workplan, taking new resolves regarding your studies, or looking forward to joining a club (tick all of the above for myself!), it's always exciting!
I am starting to look out for cute desk furnishing, and a few other items I was missing last year. I'm also  beyond the last stretch of both my eyeliner and my mascara, which have only lasted as long as they have because I keep adding water in them...

So yesterday I decided to go for a run, and coupled that with a trip to get some make-up. As I was checking out the clothes section, I thought about getting a nice shirt to do sports instead of my old sweater, and I was so lucky to find this for 5€! The perfect print, and a nice motivaton to keep moving to boot! Although it's so cute I probably won't want to workout in it.

I also purchased a new bottle of eyeliner. It is the cheap stuff, but 1) it's the only one I can find with a very thin brush rather than a felt/marker tip which I can't handle, and 2) it comes off with just water and doesn't need rubbing, which is bliss for my eyes and rather sensitive skin. (And it's cheap, if I hadn't mentioned that already).

The rabbit slippers I found when shopping with my mom at the supermarket. I tend to rely on the too-large hotel slippers my dad brings home from his travels, but they do so increase my natural inclination to trip over my own feet. I had some pink fluffy ones last year which were still available but these were so much cuter!
Overloaded much?~ Having fun with the tablet!

Changing the subject, last week-end, I held a booth at a local antiques/second-hand fair, selling old toys and clothes. I had intended to sell a few handmade items, but I forgot them the day of! So much for laying them out to take with me... The reason was, of course, that I was too preoccupied by fixing up my wig and make up. I wore my white Meta dress with my lavender wig, a flower crown from my friends in England, and a flower-printed vintage cardigan. People actually mistook me for a doll on sale whenever I stopped moving!

Unfortunately the weather was hot, but I was lucky I brought my parasol, and the neighboring booth  had a very large one which shadowed me as well. It was fun chatting with my neighbors, and I wish I had bought an adorable and very delicate, blue and gold tea-set from them, but a woman did right before I came. I was however, going to buy a little plushie from them, but they generously gave it to me instead! Isn't the lamb so cute? I don't have a name for him yet though. Any ideas?

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