October 3, 2012

Fullmoon Package and Review!

I was delighted to find in my mail today (well, by now that was Monday), a package from Japan! It is my order of deco parts from Fullmoon. I was attracted by the competitive prices and most of all by the low shipping rates the owner, Yukie Campbell,  applies. This is due to the fact that she sends the items through regular mail (though I think you can opt for a tracked delivery). So it is a bet as to whether you will receive everything in good shape but I read good reviews and decided to give it a try. My camera recently died on me and it was hard to leave the package unopened until I could take pictures, but I wanted to do this properly. On to the parcel!

My order:
Rose Rhinestones 3mm 400pieces[RH30]       US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
White Pearl 3mm 80pieces[PE335]        US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
Cream White Pearl 4mm 40p[PE334]       US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
Light Pink Pearl 3mm 80pieces[PE335]       US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
Light Pink Love Heart 14mm 10pieces [Rh71]       US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
Light Pink Open Heart Pearl 11mm 20pieces[PE360]       US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
Silver Ear Wires earrings ear hooks 1 pair[PT034]       US$0.50 x  1        US$0.50
Nail Drill for fake nails[OT008]       US$5.00 x  1        US$5.00
Light Pink Rhinestones 3mm 400pieces[RH30]       US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
Chiffon Ribbon Pearl 45x50mm  (Color: Pink)[MT106]       US$0.50 x  1        US$0.50
Clear Rhinestones 4mm 300pieces[RH40]       US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
Rose Rhinestones 4mm 300pieces[RH40]       US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
iPhone Jack plug 5 pieces Clear[PT032]       US$1.00 x  1        US$1.00
♡♡♡Free Gift♡♡♡[1/Sep ~ 30/Sep]       US$0.00 x  1        US$0.00
Choco Roll 8x26mm (Color: Brown)[PL946]       US$0.50 x  1        US$0.50
Cute Ribbon 21x28mm[PL972]             US$0.60 x  1        US$0.60
Giraffe 14x19mm (Color: Light Blue)[PL115]       US$0.40 x  1        US$0.40
Cookies 18x25mm (Color: Pink)[PL965]       US$0.60 x  1        US$0.60

 Merchandise Total         US$18.10
 Shipping Cost Total        US$5.00
 Total                     US$23.10

 I spy a blue giraffe, a pink cookie, a nail drill, pearl hearts, a hime bow, and oh so much glitter!

Packaging: 5/5
Yukie Campbell obviously knows her stuff because everything came wrapped in its own sealed plastic pack, within a larger bag, inside bubble wrap! It's a wonder anyone claimed that their parcels came empty from the packets opening in the enveloppe, because I can tell you nothing could slip out of this! I had been worried about those declarations, and about the parcel being lost or damaged, but I am glad to say none of that happened.
 It came in this taped enveloppe through the mailbox (I'm glad it fit; getting mail myself is such a bother). You can see how safely it is all wrapped.

Shipping: 5/5
I was anxious at first about shipping through regular mail but I am now  relieved. Besides getting my parcel in perfect condition, I didn't have to be in to sign a receipt or anything of the sort. Yukie also takes pictures of what she sends as proof in case of problems, so she's very professional about that. The cost of shipping was $5, which is a breeze compared to other shops that would have me pay $15! (Which, by the way, was more than the amount for the goods.) I ordered on the 16th, Yukie shipped on the following day and it arrived on the 1st, so it took about 15 days to reach me. I don't know how long mail should take to come from Japan, but this seems reasonable. (A postcard to Russia once took two months...)

Quality: 5/5

The stones are gorgeous and oh so shiny, I'm in love! The ribbon bow is strong (I tried pulling at it a little) though not exactly symmetrical, but the ribbon is sealed so that it won't fray. I have yet to try the nail drill but it looks sturdy -plus it's deco-able! That was definitely a good purchase. The cabochons are all good quality. The back of the cabochon bow has a tiny defect which I am noting only for the sake of accuracy but which doesn't affect the condition at all. I didn't even want to mention this at all, considering how satisfied I am with everything else!
I would have loved the lavender giraffe as well but it was out of stock. If it is ever restocked, I'll give my blue one a friend! The half-pearls are perfect; the earing hooks are for making my friend's present (but it's a secret...), and came with small wire loops which I didn't expect and will be very useful. the best part is to come: after scrolling through the whole list of items on the website, I found a present item which you can add for free to your basket! (apparently this a regular monthly feature.) It was a surprise what would be in it and it is a generous gift indeed! It came in the form of 5 little packets with red, yellow and pink half-pearls, 5 heart-shaped half-pearls, and green, jade-like half pearls. These last are beautiful and I will have to use them for a classic/antique look! In conclusion, I got a lot more than I bargained for, and I disregard the teeny defects to put a 5 for quality.

 The amazing gift from Yukie! So sweet!

Although I didn't have any problems and did not have to contact her, Yukie sent me an email straight after I paid through Paypal to confirm my paiement and tell me she had shipped everything off. Her mails were very clear and pleasant; she writes to you personally and very sweetly. She also sent me coupons for my next purchase.

Conclusion: 5/5 (and I'm not exaggerating)
I will definitely purchase from Fullmoon again! Every aspect of it was satisfying and I felt I was dealing with someone serious and friendly. I don't even think I will try another service; I'm lucky to have found exactly what I was looking for on the first try.

I can't wait to get down to deco'ing now! Expect some photos soon!

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