October 16, 2012

Practical Please!

 I'm always on the lookout for new ideas on how to make practical yet cute additions to my room and bathroom, so I'm sharing with you a few ways I devised to keep myself organised.

Hair Clip Displayer

Tired of sifting through your basket of headbows and clips? Add a loop of ribbon to a strip of fabric, hem the edges, and you have the perfect clip displayer! I eventually glued rectangles of clear, rigid plastic at the back because the weight of the clips deformed the fabric and it wouldn't hang straight. (No pictures because the glue made a very ugly mess indeed.) I also folded to fabric at one end to form a loop. I stuff my hair ribbons in there, and whatever can't be clipped to avoid having it all tangle up in a basket.

Bedside Table

This is my bedside table, improvised with a bit of wood, a bracket, a cute bias ribbon and ponpons for decoration! It ended up hostingmy collection of miniature plushies and can barely fit a book and my water bottle in the end though... Oh, and the fabulous artwork on the ceiling (no not the blue paint, please ignore my failed attempt at a fresco...), I mean the poster, is by amazing friend and artist Pany Vanh. Check his work out on DeviantArt! What he does is gorgeous ~

I'm planning to add more of these simple practical ideas to my room, so stay tuned!

icon from creamiicandy and imai kira

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