December 4, 2011

Happy International Lolita Day!

  I only remembered Thursday when I wrote down '1st of December' in my notebook: December...isn't there something special soon? Remembering ILD made my day! What's better than putting on a full blown loli outfit just for the sake of it, not to go out anywhere?

  As part of my last ILD's resolutions, I created an EGL account today (my handle is twinklecarousel), and plan to post entries during my Christmas holiday. The other part of my June ILD resolutions was to start this blog - yes, I procrastinate... It took me quite a while to plan and find the courage to start Le Boudoir, but I'm really glad that I did. I feel like I have my own little spot dedicated to lolita even on the internet (I cutify everything within breathing distance-there's just no limit.) So here I am, half a year later with two of my goals achieved!

  Like last ILD, I am spending this day devoting myself to lolita related crafts, and writing articles for Le Boudoir, all of that, of course, dressed to the nines in sweet lolita. I am actually starting to make my Christmas dress today! I have swathes of heavy crimson velvet which I have been dying to use for so long!  I'm hoping to have this finished by Christmas day, but I always have a back-up dress - not that I should be any less focused on finishing it! I also have a store of new articles I'm working on, so wait for it!

  I hope you're enjoying this special day, and having a great time so far, whatever it is you chose to do! Wether it's taking care of yourself, attending a meetup, crafting, sewing, spreading lolita culture, or watching your favorite lolita movie snuggled beneath cute covers, may your day be full of frills!

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