December 8, 2011

Pretty in Pink influenced

   I've wanted to watch Pretty in Pink for a while now, and I finally did. I really enjoyed it, and the soundtrack as well. And of course, take a look at the outfits!. Nope, they aren't lolita, but they have got the sort of mori/antique doll feel to them. Loose skirts and dresses, ginger hair, the occasional hat, all of that in pink and draped in pearls! The neckline of her prom dress is gorgeous too!

The person with the most original style in the movie is Iona, Andie's friend: she changes utterly every day: gothic punk to 50's prom queen to aristoctratic looking... she's incredible!
 Tips for a Pretty in Pink style:
  • add sosme vintage elements to your wardrobe: a jacket, a scarf, a hat...
  • antique jewelry
  • lace up boots! Andie wears her ankle-high beige ones paired with floral print socks in the movie
  • lace collars
  • embroidered cardigans
  • don't be afraid to mix styles: you can pair a very sweet or classic jsk with a more punkish blazer or vest!

In any case, right after watching it I felt like adding a touch of vintage style to my sweet lolita wardrobe so I made these earrings:

And here's a treat for your own ears: Pretty in Pink cover by the Dresden Dolls!

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