July 19, 2013

14 July and New Home!

Last weekend was our national holiday, the 14th July. I spent the time with family friends over in Normandie, a beautiful place. I prepared outfits but ended up not wearing them much because of going to the sea, running, and general heat!

The brooches  imade, inspired by AP's Biscuit series.

Following that, I visited my family's new house in the South of France, in Agen. Yes! I am moving, which is both extremely fun, and tiring. It is giving me a chance to sort through my wardrobe and closets, ridding them of unecessary items and updating what is in need of it.
The traveling lolita

I took the chance to take a few pictures in this very cute town! There is a lovely cupcake parlor which I feel will become my favorite hangout, vintage and antique shops just waiting to be explored, and a delicious Japanese restaurant I ate lucnh and dinner at on the same day!
My new room is also really cute, with an en suite bathroom just for me (well, that's not new, seeing as I...claimed the bathroom on my floor here already).

My new room - empty and perfect for pictures!

At the moment I also wear a style that is more casual than lolita, when it is too hot or I am very lazy. I mix in elements of fairy-kei, gyaru, and generally cute items.

Oops  ~ sleepy time!

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