July 20, 2013

Meeting Li-Li

Yesterday I met with Li-Li for the second time in Paris. Li-Li is a lolita from the USA studying here in France for a few months. I answered her post on EGL, when she asked for advice on places to visit in Paris, offering to meet up. And I am so glad we did!

Our first meeting was an outing to Bubble Fever, a bubble tea bar with friendly staff and delicious flavors of our favorite drink! We got so caught up with our chatting that we completely forgot about taking any photos of our first meet, so none of those unfortunately. We have a lot more in common than lolita, too. Lolita fashion/lifestyle is a great way to meet new people but when you find you have more points in common then you are sure you found a friend!

We made up for forgotten photos yesterday, when we headed for the Kawaii Cafe, rue de Nemours. The setting was really cute and original, and we had a nice time! They had very original cocktails (cucumber sounds like it is worth a try), though we stuck to non-alcoholic beverages. so I feel someone who enjoys alcohol might appreciate this particular place better. I do want to try going there when they organize one of their geek events though, and they have maids occasionally!

Storefront of the Kawaii Cafe

Li-Li and I also discovered that we already knew each other on the internet! Of course we communicated through LJ and Skype, but it is only when we began talking about our blogs that we realized that we read each other and both participate in Lolita Blog Carnival! (Though she is much more thorough than I in that respect!) So Li-Li turns out to be Alice in Lolitaland, and I am Le Boudoir's Miss Milly. And now  that I look at your photos, I do recognize you, Li-Li! It is so wonderful meeting someone you enjoy reading, and we giggled like crazy when we made the connection!

 I wore my BTSSB Usakyuma Sweets jsk with a non-lolita cutsew of fortunately matching colors, AP socks, and my lovely purple Bodyline wig. I like wearing wigs even in summer, as long as I style it in an nupdo. It avoids me having to chack my hair all the time (it just gets awful on too-hot days).

Unexpected mirrors make the best photoshoots!

Because she had luggage limitations, Li-Li couldn't bring lolita with her, so I offered to lend her a coordinate for our next outing. We are thinking about several places, so many of them look fun: the recently renovated Château de Champs-sur-Marne, the oh-so-creepy Manoir de Paris (but I am a scaredy-cat), Princess Crêpe and the BTSSB store, because they are on sale at the moment, or maybe Disneyland?

I really want to let her see France outside of Paris, so I would love to invite her over for tea, perhaps with some of my new lolita friends, but because of moving, my house is such a mess, so I am unsure... I'll have to think about it!

Aah, what will our next outing be? I cant' wait!

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