July 30, 2013

Lolita Haunts: Kawaii Cafe

 The second place I talked about in Lolita Hangouts is the Kawaii Cafe.

The shop sports a very pink front, with tables for sitting outside in the quiet street, but the interior teams with  interesting surprises. The walls are plastered in autographed photos of Japanese celebrities, idols or bands or models, shelves hold quantities of anime figurines, and every tabletop  features an aspect of Japanese culture: pages from manga, a dictionary of geek terms...

The whole atmosphere extends even to the menu: japanese cocktails and nibbles. This is it: I wish I could actually play the games featured on the cases!

And this is what they offer:

I tried the Fruit Pastèque non-alcoholic cocktail, which was nice. It was a bit dark inside to hang out very long and chat, but Li-Li and I enjoyed a welcome rest form the Parisian heat!
The café regularly features maids, on Saturdays, or cosplayed staff, and frequent events, whether game nights or art exhibitions on their walls.

This is quite a nice café, especially in the evening, where you can gather lots of friends. I plan on trying one of their events before leaving for Agen!

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