July 24, 2013


I just spotted this dress on the Baby Paris website, and fell in love with it. If they still have it in stock, I am trying it on when I next go to the shop, and possibly getting it.

Well, that part isn't sealed yet.

But isn't this dress so beautiful? It has the right balance between cute and elegant, and depending on your coordinatinon, could work out as a casual outfit or a very fancy look. Here are two suggestions I came up with.

An Occasional Sailor

With a light sailor blouse and minimal accessories, thisjsk can be made to suit the hot summer weather despite the heavy fabric. A key thing to remember to remain elegant not to weigh your outfit down with extra elements when the weather is warm. Not only will you be too hot, people who look at you will just feel even hotter!  I like adding little quirks to my outfits and in both cases i chose little cat touches. These cat face shoes with heels are just too cute!

Elegant Snow
And now for the cold weather! Boots, pullover, muff (possibly a more matching color, but this all I found for the moment), and the cat ear beret for a hint of fun!

Maybe you can come up with coordinates for this dress as well?

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