July 26, 2013

Lolita Haunts: Bubble Fever

I recently tried out two places I had wanted to visit for a long time. Ever since Kikoumaru (in Bastille) closed, I have been looking for a favorite place to enjoy bubble tea, take a break, and enjoy homemade steamed buns (but sadly I haven't found this yet).

The first is Bubble Fever, a bubble tea bar my friend Penny has been telling me about for a long time. It is the hangout for a great many lovers of Japanese culture, and of course, the place to grab a delicious bubble tea!

Starting from the outside: the bar is very small (tiny, indeed!), but it boldly stands out, especially with the cute little mascot Boba!
 Photo from their facebook page
 The inside is really cute and simple, with all the bubble tea implements and ingredients lining the walls.

This is their menu:

Even if ou can't read french, most of the words should be understandable, but in any case, you get the idea, right? So many flavors! You can personalize you tea any way you like and change combinations every time! It can milk or fruit, tapioca or jelly, passion fruit, almond, ginger, guava, mocha or ten other flavors!

And finally, the price is really decent! 3,50€ for a small, 4,50€ for a large. What's not to love?

They offer a loyalty card, so I know where this girl is going from now on! I want to try every single flavor there. And they don't only have tapioca, they also have weird flavored jelly instead, which I tried and is really fun! The shop also sells kits with all the necessary ingredients to make the tea yourself, and the friendly staff and atmosphere are free to boot!

Bubble Fever is also present at any event japanese or pop culture related, so you can get a taste wherever you are!

Here they were at the Japan Expo! (And I was wearing Princesse Cadence...)

Visit their website: you can either find them in Paris or order your kits online!

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