July 11, 2013

Japan Expo, Lolita Convention, and Shopping

This year again I went to the Japan Expo in Paris. I love this convention as I get the chance to meet up with friends I otherwise rarely see, and this year I was determined to make new ones as well.

 It was my luck then that upon setting foot out of the train on Thursday, I ran into three lolitas, with whom I thereafter spent the day! Naomi, Becha, and Emmy are absolutely lovely girls, and one of them actually lives really close by! It's a shame I'll be moving soon, but I'll make sure to see her before that!
The day was spent roving the booths of indie designers, Japanese imports, and groups of photo-happy lolitas! We also listened to Sebastian Masuda's conference about Harajuku fashion, which was fascinating, and had the opportunity to take photos with him after that!
 It was my first encounter with the french lolita community as before I had never had the chance to patricipate in any organised event and it proved lovely!

The other two days, Friday and Sunday, I wore my Princess Cadence cosplay and debuted another one, which isn't entirely finished so I won't say much about this. Cadence though was great fun once again! I came across several other ponies and may have a photoshoot planned soon.
 In front of the MameshibaxKyary mascott with my best friend

 Posing with Sebastian Masuda. Argh, bad face...

The annual Lolita Convention followed right after and it was fantastic! I went there for the first time, since I had always been too tired after the Expo, not to mention shy. But meeting the community motivated me, and here as well I met wonderful people. The fashion show was the climax of the event, and I particularly liked Clara Maeda. A few notable people were there, including Minori whom I missed, sadly, as I had to leave early. But I met François Amoretti, author and illustrator, the wonderful team from Roccoco Daze, and of course saw my new friends. We had a very unexpected but insanely fun time shooting in a lauderette!
I got myself a pair of AP socks and a pair of tights at the second hand booth, but a lot of it was really tempting!

 This was such a fantastic four days which I had been looking forward to so much, and I'm happy to say that rather than feel lazy now that it is over, and I am all the more determined to work harder. So I made a lolita skirt and am started on a dress; I am also continuing my cosplay.
Today was fun as well, I went shopping and enjoyed it for the first time. My mom and I had a fun afternnon and I picked up two very cute dresses for a more gyaru/ kimokawa casual style, which is nice once in a while when lolita is too much of a bother!

François Amoretti's gorgeous and poetic book about lolita; 
my new handmade skirt and a dress in progress; and a roll of lace!

H&M starry dress; Cache-cache flowy mint gyaru-style dress (the color didn't turn out well)

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