July 21, 2013

Impromptu birthday party

Today my family surprised me with an impromptu birthday party. I knew my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin were coming, but not that it would be to belatedly celebrate my birthday! The real date was quite a while ago, the 6th of May, for those who know, but I hadn't had a chance to be with my family for it, studying in the UK at the time. Luckily I had time to put the finishing touches to my latest OP after coming home from a morning run. It was really enjoyable, especially since I have been caught up in sewing since the start of the break and haven't paid many people any visit.

My new dress! It was a quick fix, so the construction details up close make me cringe,
 but I wanted to make this fast and wear it.This fabric was just so perfect for lolita, 
and I wanted more simple dress for summer. OP's don't require blouses so I really like them!

I received a parcel full of yummy sweets and Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire for the occasion, so I wasn't expecting anything. However thanks to my parents I will enjoy a nice massage and they are in addition providing help towards my future, not-yet-planned trip to Japan. Well, now I may be going there sooner than expected, almost on a whim, as I am tired of always putting it back! And my brothers found an adorable portable USB fan and a jewellery stand  -cute and useful gifts for me; as well as a gorgeous vintage bag from my aunt and uncle.

The fan plugs into my computer and  cools both of us - my poor computer 
suffers even more than I in this heat!

Oh, and I did a bit more shopping and found a cute pair of shorts for the gym! More about that in a later post, though ;)